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Tantric Massage London

Posted by masseuse | Erotic Masage,Massage benefits,Sensual Massage,Tantric Massage | Tuesday 1 June 2010 09:00


Female masseuse is  Best Massage London service   with very experienced and gifted massages from East Europa we are Angelica and Yalanada  we are exceptional very experienced charismatic young and attractive lady’s how love the work of massage therapist, love massaging and we are nurtured healers with great gift of tough and positive open minded personal approach to all you needs for restore balance and energy in your body and mind
we have developed great experience and gift of tough and amazing personality, caring and alluring.we have been trained in tantra and sensual massages as well therapeutic western massages our all combination of massages to provide the ultimate in depth total relaxation, and awake your sensuality, and renew and revitalize you  with Tantric body to body massage London  we are best   massage therapist in London, we gang our experience from working in the best massage parlor in London and we specializing in west and exotic massages, our massage is capable of evoking the most sensual stimulation, whether the treatment is relaxing sensual body to body massage or Kundalini massage or Swedish full body massage
a relaxing blend of soothing massage refresh for the entire body and mind,?relaxing massage for your relaxation pleasure highly recommended?we work only on appointments
we are young sexy, and sophisticated masseuse with graceful beauty and nurtured ability to put you at ease and relaxing mood,
no part of the body will be ignored all are honored and with respect touched and rub and massaged?amazing touch…hot oil… massage table… or on comfortable bed … sublime music… candles… beauty… nice clean and cozy atmosphere …experienced … charming…. attractive masseuse….. erotic provocative to arising you sensuality….
our Tantric palace
locked Lancaster gate / Bayswater / Paddington
just give our the call and we make appointment we are available to give you Tantric massage with two or three goddess you can enjoy massage treatment session with extra ordinary experience which give you absolutely?blissful feeling and lightly body,
our knowledge about tantric massage came from 2007 when we joined school of  Tantric spiritual healing therapy in Spain and in India , finished a full time massage and healing therapist?sins 2000 we are qualified healing and massage therapist and body and mind couches !
from our immeasurable knowledge and experience we gain and developed amazing gift of tough with we with my great pleasure love to sheer with you love to take absolutely care of your body and mind in time being of our amazing blissful treatment, our specialty is we also specializing in Ayurveda massages.
our   philosophy is simple to makes your cells smile to give you feeling of  enjoying beauty in and around . our massages amazing experience it bring pleasure to mind or senses and is associated with such properties harmony of tough, color, balance, peace of mind, excellence of artistry, truthfulness and originality.
Tantric body massage in London it is touch.  music.  beauty.  love. every experience that stirs the heart and soul is actually a bridge between the    sensory and the supra sensory: a loving look, a harmonious melody, a fragrant flower, warm gentle touch,  – they all stimulate a sense.
it would seem that the profound spiritual event that would be intimate and resonant, without needing to relay on a spectacular display of fireworks.
our  tantric massage    treatments and experience has been carefully devised and formulated the unique and personal approach for healing and positive energy cultivation. our Tantric   massage treatments philosophy clear and simple anti – aging  anti stress and positively boost your energy and attitudes. all of this leads us to higher immune systems and our good healthy well being. our massage treatments “prevention” health care. we can reduce the serious and harmful effects of toxins, stress and negativity.
the Tantric massage will make you feel as if you are in a trance, where physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.
what makes the Tantric massage different, is that it is also intentionally sensually arousing. through the quality of subtle touch, your inner sensual energy is aroused and made to flow, spread and radiate throughout your whole body , creating an expanded state of pleasure and bliss. you will feel touched to the core of your being
body function as related to the flow of healing energy. by restoring a balance of energy in the body, the massage helps to restore your natural self-healing abilities. blood circulation is restored and encouraged, & immune system function enhanced & stimulated.?the kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine, when awakened, can lead to an elevated experience of our own sexual energy. we learn to to let go, to just be, to allow the masculine and feminine energies within us to harmonize.
Tantric massage London
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